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Hoffman Academy Portland provides students of all ages a high-quality music education in an engaging and nurturing environment that promotes a life-long love for music and music making.

The foundation of lifelong musicianship

At Hoffman Academy we are focused on having a balance between both quality and fun. Our young students actually enjoy learning music, because we engage their natural curiosity and creativity using an innovative multi-sensory approach, while still providing them with the expert training to reach a high level of musical proficiency.

Our teachers don’t just teach-they are all practicing, expert musicians as well! The learning environment here is fun and nurturing, and our innovative, research-based curriculum has proven itself to quickly enable students to play music they love.

Our History

The Hoffman Method was born when Joseph Hoffman began teaching kids in his neighborhood while a graduate student at Brigham Young University. After struggling to find a piano method that provided a rigorous, well-rounded musical education while still being fun and engaging, he began creating his own curriculum to fill this need for piano students everywhere.

He honed the method through several years of study, exploration, and experimentation, and moved to Portland, Oregon in 2007 to found Hoffman Academy. Hoffman Academy now serves close to 300 students with a faculty of 14 teachers trained in the Hoffman Method.

Our Difference

Hoffman Academy has an amazing staff of dedicated instructors who have all received degrees in music and are trained in the Hoffman Method. Our teachers’ deep knowledge of music makes them perfectly equipped to meet a student at their current level and help them grow, no matter how early or late they are in their musical journey. Take a look at our teacher page to get to know them better!

Our Mission

To provide a world-class music education in an engaging, nurturing environment while inspiring a life-long love for music making.

"Instructors will always take the time out to get the kids motivated. There is a good mix of classical and pop music to keep kids interested in music. There are always opportunities for children to perform in front of others to build their confidence. The staff is supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend the academy!"

Lisa K., Parent of a Hoffman Academy Student

The Hoffman Method

We teach students to play both by ear and by sight. Based on research in child development and learning theory, it engages kids with a multi-sensory approach.



Singing each note on a scale, the foundation for sight reading.



Identify, create and perform unique rhythms.


Sight Reading

Open up any piece of music and start playing!



Spontaneously created expressions in the language of music.

The Hoffman Method Color Wheel Graphic

Ear Training

Learn to play “by ear” and recreate any song.


Music Theory

The concepts behind it all, taught using games and activities.



Writing music reinforces important musical concepts in a fun and creative way!



Proper body positioning for strong and healthy music playing.

Lessons & Classes

Students achieve excellence through careful development of hands, ears, mind, and heart.

Music theory, improvisation… so much more than just playing the right notes

Acoustic or electric? Learn proper technique and build a foundation for musicianship.

Learn effective and healthy techniques for beautiful singing with an experienced teacher.

Flexible schedules for the adult beginner or advanced student.

Take private lessons or a fun workshop packed with musical learning.

Start Your Musical Journey

Reach out to begin your music education in an engaging, nurturing environment that brings out the musician in you!