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Discover the Joy of Music at Hoffman Academy


Spring Semester: 2/7/22 - 6/18/22, Registering now for Guitar & Piano Lessons!

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Lessons & Classes

Students achieve excellence through careful development of hands, ears, mind, and heart.

Music theory, improvisation… so much more than just playing the right notes.

Acoustic or electric? Learn proper technique and build a foundation for musicianship.

Learn effective and healthy techniques for beautiful singing with an experienced teacher.

Flexible schedules for the adult beginner or advanced student.

Take private lessons or a fun workshop packed with musical learning.

Using the Hoffman Method

What are lessons like?

At Hoffman Academy, lessons are tailored to every student’s needs. Beginning students learn songs and fundamentals through floor games, sing-a-longs, and engaging instruction at their instrument. As students advance, our instructors help guide them towards their musical interests while providing a well rounded musical foundation in technique. In short, our lessons promote a lifelong love of music by finding the perfect balance between fun and education.

“I have found the instructors to be highly motivated and always encouraging to the students. The level of instruction has been beyond my expectations.”

Amy B., Parent of a Hoffman Academy Student

Our Difference

What makes Hoffman Academy great?

Hoffman Academy has an amazing staff of dedicated instructors who have all received degrees in music and are trained in the Hoffman Method. Our teachers’ deep knowledge of music makes them perfectly equipped to meet a student at their current level and help them grow, no matter where they are in their musical journey. Take a look at our teacher page to get to know them better!

“I feel that each one of my kids is treated like an individual with special talents and gifts.”

Parent of 3 Hoffman Academy students

Our Promise

What do we do for each student?

We promote a lifelong love for music-making to all of our students. Every pianist, guitarist, and vocalist at Hoffman Academy can expect to learn a lot and have fun doing it! We encourage everyone to follow their musical passion whether it be playing a specific style of music, or writing original pieces! Hoffman Academy makes a well-rounded music education accessible to all of its students.

”This has been a great experience for my daughter and we look forward to more!”

Jen H., Parent of a Hoffman Academy Student

The Hoffman Method

The Hoffman Method creates well-rounded musicians who truly comprehend music by emphasizing eight areas of learning: music theory, ear training, improvisation, sight reading, technique, solfege, composition and rhythm.



Singing each note on a scale, the foundation for sight reading.



Identify, create and perform unique rhythms.


Sight Reading

Open up any piece of music and start playing!



Spontaneously created expressions in the language of music.

The Hoffman Method Color Wheel Graphic

Ear Training

Learn to play “by ear” and recreate any song.


Music Theory

The concepts behind it all, taught using games and activities.



Writing music reinforces important musical concepts in a fun and creative way!



Proper body positioning for strong and healthy music playing.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Hoffman Academy Portland is committed to creating welcoming and inclusive spaces for people of all ages, religions, races, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, family/child care configurations, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We recognize that doing this means swimming actively against the current of our country’s government, social structures, normative thought systems, and general culture. This is based on our understanding, which we are grateful to have gained from the educational labor of the Black Lives Matter movement, that systemic racism, sexism, heteronormativity, and many other harmful thought systems are baked into the very creation and history of the United States and have yet to be fully dismantled.

Upcoming Events

  • Jan 10 | Spring ’22 Open Enrollment
  • Feb 7 | First Day of Spring ’22 Semester 
  • Mar 21 –  26 | Academy Closed for Spring Break
  • Apr 11 – Apr 16 | Mid-Semester Progress Meetings
  • Apr 30 | Student Composition Night
  • May 9 | Summer ’22 Open Enrollment
  • May 28 – 30 | Academy Closed for Memorial Day Weekend
  • Jun 11 | Student Recital
  • Jun 18 | Last Day of Spring ’22 Semester
  • Jun 20 | Summer Session Begins

Start Your Musical Journey

Reach out to begin your music education in an engaging, nurturing environment that brings out the musician in you!