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Equipment Requirements for Piano Students at Hoffman Academy

1. A Quality Piano

All piano students should have a quality instrument to practice on. Without a quality instrument for practicing, progress will be slower and playing will be less rewarding and even frustrating.

Acoustic (Non-electric) Pianos

  • Should be tuned annually (Academy Tuner: Eric Leatha 503-997-1725)
  • All 88 keys should be in full working condition
  • Keys should not have a floppy, nor a stiff feel
  • Recommended upright models: Yamaha, Boston, Kawai

Digital (Electric) Pianos

  • Should be full 88 keys
  • Should be mounted on a piano stand (not an “X”-stand and not on a table)
  • Keys should be weighted or “hammer action”
  • Recommended models: Privia (made by Casio), Roland, Kawai, Clavinova (made by Yamaha)

If you want to buy or rent a piano, we recommend Classic Pianos. As a service to the Hoffman Academy community, Classic Pianos has agreed to offer preferred pricing on all pianos to families with a student at Hoffman Academy, so be sure to mention us!

2. A Metronome

A metronome is an essential practice tool for anyone learning the piano. There are several free metronome apps which you can download to smartphones. However, it is probably much more convenient (so your phone isn’t always tied up) to simply purchase a metronome which can always be there by the piano. The Academy sells digital metronomes for $25, which includes a 9V battery.


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