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Beginning Ukulele

Perfect for a student that has been swept up in the Ukulele craze! Loves “cute” music that is positive, upbeat, and rhythmic. Learn several songs as well as basic techniques to jump start your Ukulele journey!

Pop Guitar

Great for students who love jamming out to their favorite hit songs! Learn pop chord progressions to hit songs, as well as techniques to make playing those progressions easy. Students can expect to explore the patterns in pop songs to

Jump Start Guitar

Ideal for the new-to-guitar student who wants a head start on their journey to guitar mastery! In just one week, learn more songs than in any other method for beginners, taught by the designer of the guitar method, Joseph Berman!

Musical Theater

A student who loves singing along to songs from Wicked, Les Misérables, or any other hit musical! Maybe this student has already been in a school musical! Learn how to project your voice so you can sing these musical theatre

Pop Voice

Lots of fun for the type of student who has a favorite singer or band. Maybe even watches American Idol or The Voice with their family. Knows a “top 40 song” or two by heart. Learn great tips to make

Pop Piano

Perfect for the outgoing student who loves to sing along to their favorite pop songs. Maybe enjoys listening to the radio when being driven around. Likes repertoire that sounds “cool.” What you will do: Learn just how simple it is

Jazz Next: The Re-Jazzening

Awesome fit for a student who has taken Jazz 101 or has played some jazz pieces in lesson or in school jazz band before. Likes to improvise and wants to learn about more complicated chords. Play cooler, more difficult songs

Video Game Piano

This one’s for the gamers! Particularly kids that like creative minded games (Minecraft, open world games) or games with iconic music (Mario, Pokemon). Students that like “cool” music that is fast paced, quirky, or minor-sounding. Play piano arrangements of everyone’s

Jazz 101

Great for a student who has heard a little jazz and is curious about it. Enjoys the improvisation element of lessons. Likes the sound and style of repertoire pieces by Christopher Norton. With a few simple tricks, you will learn

Next Steps

Designed with the student in mind who has recently started lessons and is looking for a week of learning, music making, and fun! Learn new songs and games designed to enhance any students enjoyment at the piano! Every fun activity