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Equipment Requirements for Guitar Students at Hoffman Academy

New and Beginning Students Guitar (please consult our Guide to Purchasing a Guitar for more information). Guitar Tuner Guitar Picks Music Stand (wire stands are fine) Footstool (optional) Amplifier and Cable (if you are using an electric guitar) Level II

Come Together Week

Twice each semester, at Come Together Week, students have the opportunity to attend a special group class instead of their regular lesson. A Come Together Week class is 60 minutes long and will be taught by a team of Academy teachers with

Equipment Requirements for Piano Students at Hoffman Academy

1. A Quality Piano All piano students should have a quality instrument to practice on. Without a quality instrument for practicing, progress will be slower and playing will be less rewarding and even frustrating. Acoustic (Non-electric) Pianos Should be tuned annually

Guide to Purchasing a Guitar

Step 1: Choosing the Type of Guitar That is Right for You There are 3 main types of guitar: Acoustic, Electric, and Classical. For beginners and students under 12 years old, the best choice is often the Classical guitar. That

Daily Practice Expectations

5 days per week Lesson time does not count toward practice requirements Recommended Practice Duration Preparatory: 15-20 mins. Level 1: 20-30 mins. Level 2: 35 mins. Level 3-4: 40 mins. Level 5-6: 45 mins. Level 7-8: 50 mins. Level 9-10:

How to Help Your Child Enjoy and Succeed at Piano Lessons

Dear parents, Welcome to piano lessons at Hoffman Academy of Music! Get ready to begin a wonderful musical journey with your child. This guide will provide you, the parent, the information you will need to make these lessons a success.